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Joe Dante morning discussion (Antti Alanen: Film Diary) – Teille jotka ette olleet paikalla MeFi: [insert foley of post being written: keyboard buttons, mouse clicks, office chair creaking, etc.] – Spare the Snark, Or Why It Matters Who Invented the TV Recap – Katsaus uuden tekstilajin lähihistoriaan

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The Sound and Music of Angry Birds – Taking Star Wars back from George Lucas, one edit at a time | MetaFilter – MUBI tarjoaa R&A:n kunniaksi parit kotimaiset dokkarit ilmaiseksi –

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Screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna (NYT Mag) – If Aline Brosh McKenna were to write a script about her life, it might open with McKenna, wavy-haired and underdressed, hopefully showing her work to a series of unsmiling magazine editors in New York. Discouraged but not defeated, she eventually screws up her resolve and decides to take …

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TIFF 2011 International Documentary Line Up – Books on film sound, review by Michael Chanan – The Sexual Proclivities of Friends – Ticked Off at Ticked-Off Trannies – Peter Bart, Hollywood’s Information Man – LA Magazine, 2001 – AFTER MATH: STAYING ALIVE, GREASE 2, and the calculus of the Sequel > Press Play –