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Perceiving Edited Moving Images – Across all edits the probability that a blink occurred at the exact moment of an edit was very low (1.2%.) Twitter Not So Good At Predicting Box Office Revenues After All – A world away: John Carter vfx –

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Free Willy! The History of the Penis in Cinema – Sherlock Lives! – Naturally enough, talk about the two filmed versions of Sherlock Holmes dominated the cocktail chatter at January’s meeting of the mysterious Sherlockian literary and dining club, The Baker Street Irregulars. The Celebrity Economy — New York Magazine –

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The incredible attention lavished upon the Academy Awards demands it be singled out as a meaningless and misleading worst offender – The Collegial Cutting Room Collaborators of Joe Dante, Part 1 – Part 2: http://blogs.indiewire.com/pressplay/13e368d0-3e72-11e1-97b6-123138165f92 How did 2011’s Sundance films fare at US box office? – olen noin niin kuin periaatteesta lipputulouutisointia vastaan, mutta tämä …

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The birth of the Golden Globes – But despite the fun, the enterprising group only began to make real money when Ted Turner elected to televise its informational in the 1980s, a gig taken over by NBC in 1996 (which paid the HFPA roughly $3 million a year for the broadcast rights.) Clothes on Film …