Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 30.12.2013 – 31.12.2013

Dan Harmon Explains His Cultural Influences – I guess he wants to be an angry prophet denouncing the hypocrisies of our times too. Vuoden parhaat elokuvat (Jutta Sarhimaa) – Anthony Dod Mantle gives better quote than most cinematographers – “I started showing Ron pictures of reversal processes and Cibachromes. I wanted it to look like […]

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 18.11.2013 – 20.11.2013

’Gravity’ Spinoff: Watch the Other Side of Sandra Bullock’s Distress Call – Kaunis ja ymmärtäväinen muistelo Blockbuster-videovuokraamon merkityksestä – Steven Soderbergh: I never set up a shot in the anamorphic format without thinking of Alan McCabe –

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 14.11.2013 – 16.11.2013

Robert Redford’s Restless Solitude – How To Write An Awesome Movie, According To Some Of Hollywood’s Best Writers – Gravity in American Cinematographer – "The camerawork serves … I don’t want to say it serves the story, because I have my problems with that. For me, the story is like the cinematography, the sound, the […]

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 12.10.2013 – 13.10.2013

Bruce Dern on the Part He’s Waited 77 Years For — Vulture – Roman Polanski Speaks: His New Movie, His 2009 Arrest, and the Public Hatred He Encounters | Vanity Fair – Melissa McCarthy and the New Female Slapstick – McCarthy gets dirty, she gets horny, and, most important, she gets the shit kicked out […]