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Salon.com interview with David Cronenberg – And yet it isn’t quite that way. It’s interesting, it’s true and it’s not true. Until we block the scene, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I bring the actors on the set — nobody else is on the set — and we work out how …

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Screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna (NYT Mag) – If Aline Brosh McKenna were to write a script about her life, it might open with McKenna, wavy-haired and underdressed, hopefully showing her work to a series of unsmiling magazine editors in New York. Discouraged but not defeated, she eventually screws up her resolve and decides to take …

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Interview with Parker Bennett, the screenwriter of Super Mario Bros. – "And I think Rocky said later it was the drawing on the front of it that got us the job, not so much the story that we worked out." Internet Movie Cars Database – via VSL Woody Allen: Rabbit Running (Time, 1972) –

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Vieraana käsikirjoittaja Antti Pesonen « Neljäs näytös – The history and the rise of the supercut – Steve Park: Struggling for Dignity (1997) – "Being an Asian-American actor, I continue to struggle to find roles for myself that are not insulting and stereotypical. My career started with Do The Right Thing, I was a series …

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ROUNDTABLE: The Writers Behind Summer's Biggest Blockbusters (Exclusive Video) – Hollywood Reporter – Flowchart: I want to make a [SELECT GENRE] movie – advertising Canal + / Betc / Ferembach & Troquier Ellen Barkin is No Uptown Girl (NYT Magazine) –