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Charles Bock on why Archer is so great – About an hour of Christian Marclay’s The Clock – Digitalisoitumisen vaikutus elokuva-alan kannattavuuteen ja toimintatapoihin elokuvateatterijakelussa Suomessa (pdf) – via @mikkopihkoluoma

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David Bordwell: Trade secrets from David O Selznick – These norms were seldom stated outright. Were Selznick less interfering, less prone to hesitate between alternatives, less obsessed with minute details, we would not know as much about the workings of the system he sought to rule. He distilled into typescript and double carbons many notions that …

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 24.06.2012

Dolby’ Atmos Debuts in Pixar’s Brave – The technology, Atmos, improves upon the previous channel-based format by adding ceiling speakers; by enabling sound designers to pull single audio elements from the soundtrack and assign them to individual speakers; and by adding proprietary software that algorithmically adjusts the mix to theater size, configuration, and sound format. …

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 22.06.2012 – 23.06.2012

Prochronisms – Using TV anachronisms to learn about changes in language – Mad Menin ja Downton Abbeyn kielipoliisi Poster: Pulp Fiction in chrononological order – Pantheon Level Author: In Memory of Andrew Sarris –