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MeFi: Imagine a dinosaur in sneakers stomping on Whoopi Goldberg’s career… forever. – Concept:RUIN – dystooppinen CGI-takaa-ajo BSG: Blood & Chrome -traileri – drooololololo

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Filkkareidet parhaat 2012 Kiasmassa – Kids who grew up watching The West Wing are now in politics – The West Wing has inspired a new generation with its vision of a Washington brimming with lofty ideals 20th Century Fox Flute Edition (YT) –

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Posters depicting movie and tv dance moves – Bad Toys II (Vimeo) – via Vuokko the girl genius The Showrunner Transcript: The Walking Dead’s Glen Mazzara Opens Up on Darabont’s Departure and Reworking the Series — Vulture – So now here’s a third situation where someone needs help. And do I need to be the …

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Thom Andersen: Random Notes on a Projection of The Clock by Christian Marclay – 1. The Clock is certainly dumb: a 24-hour movie made entirely from other movies in which the depicted screen time corresponds precisely to the actual time of the screening with plenty of clock inserts and shots in which clocks appear, sometimes …