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His Way – Paul Thomas Anderson (NYT Mag, 1999) – Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master’s Master – The Wachowskis’ World beyond “The Matrix” (The New Yorker) –

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The Front Row: Kenneth Lonergan Discusses “Margaret” : – Kenneth Lonergan’s Thwarted Masterpiece – NYT Mag – Beyond the matter of who breached what agreements, though, the question that has loomed over the film is what happened to Lonergan. How did the guy who wrote and directed “You Can Count On Me” — and who, …

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American Cinematographer on The Fifth Element (1997) – Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom (Vanity Fair) – Armando Iannucci, Writer of “Veep” (New Yorker) – !!!

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Can The Killing Make a Comeback? – Preview of Tom Bissell’s Magic Hours – The Movie People, so far, have been regarded in Escanaba as surprisingly courteous. “Good, normal folks,” one person told me. But they are not normal folks. They are making a movie, one of the more abnormal endeavors a group of human …

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Raiskauskohtaukset elokuvissa – A bad rape scene, which many are, will contain too much eroticism. The exposed breast is perfectly powdered and lit and lingers on camera before it pumps up and down. The panty tear happens in slow motion, adding to the greater intensity. If the camera only showed the woman’s face you’d only …