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Michael Keaton – "I mean, I had no concept of stopping play. It just didn't occur to anyone." What do you look for in great cinematography? – Let’s watch two clips each from the five nominees for this year’s Oscar for Best Cinematography. The soundtrack will be removed from the clips. Instead, we’ll have some […]

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Casey Affleck Should Be More Famous (NYT Mag) – Guillermo Del Toro talks about his biggest firsts – You can do a short film that looks amazing in three minutes. Because all you’re doing is climax, climax, climax, or a very short set-up, climax, climax. But when you do a feature, if you make every […]

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Can Peter Berg Redeem Himself After ‘Battleship’? – The crew member began to explain. Berg silenced him with his hand. Berg put his hand to his forehead, thinking. Someone was talking. The assistant director said firmly, “Silence, please!” After a long moment Berg looked up and said, “I’d like to blow up that wall.” Someone […]

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Willem Dafoe: ’Don’t make this into a crackpot profile, please’ – Max Brooks Is Not Kidding About the Zombie Apocalypse (NYT Mag) – “Bringing Your Ghosts to Life” – Interview with Film Director Olivier Assayas — ”Bringing Your Ghosts to Life” – Interview with Film Director Olivier Assayas –