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His Way – Paul Thomas Anderson (NYT Mag, 1999) – Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master’s Master – The Wachowskis’ World beyond “The Matrix” (The New Yorker) –

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The Front Row: Kenneth Lonergan Discusses “Margaret” : – Kenneth Lonergan’s Thwarted Masterpiece – NYT Mag – Beyond the matter of who breached what agreements, though, the question that has loomed over the film is what happened to Lonergan. How did the guy who wrote and directed “You Can Count On Me” — and who, …

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If Looks Could Kill – On gangster suits and silhouettes – Magazines from Blade Runner – paras kansiotsikko: "Illegal Aliens, R. Scott" Noomi Rapace Arrives in Hollywood, by Way of Outer Space – NYT Mag profiloi

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Post-Continuity Film – In my 2010 book Post-Cinematic Affect, I coined the term “post-continuity.” I used this term to describe a style of filmmaking that has become quite common in action films of the past decade or so. In what I call the post-continuity style, “a preoccupation with immediate effects trumps any concern for broader …