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Indiana Jones + Popeye – ORA:, a thermal 3D dance film to premiere at TIFF – 11 Mediocre Southern Accents From Movies and How They Should Really Sound (video) – tuo jälkimmäinen osa tekee tästä hyvän idean

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Wrong Side of the Art – high resolution posters for horror, sci-fi, exploitation, cult, trash, adult and B-movies – How to be a clever film critic (Life in Hell, 1985) – no niin Hollywood's Top 40 Earners in 2010 –

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Christian Bale May Kill Someone Yet (Esquire) – Sedis puhuu The Pacific -kirjasta (Yle Areena) – tunti asiallista puhetta historiasta ja elokuvasta Charles Schulz At The Movies – kokoelma Tenavat-strippejä

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The Running of the Dead, Part 1 – The second thing to know is that of all the zombie movies, 28 Days Later is the one most steeped in political philosophy Recap vs Review in TV Criticism – Eraserhead one page comic – via http://twitter.com/thedailyMUBI/status/23935412473