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Videoessee: THX 1138 ja halvalla hyvännäköistä scifiä – Hood 2 Hood is a five-hour recon mission into the worst ghettos in America – Like gangsta rappers before them, the next crop of 'hood filmmakers lets the thugs provide color commentary in their own words. What seemed liked boastful hyperbole when fictionalized behind recording studio walls […]

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Hong Kong Film Awards' List of The Best 100 Chinese Motion Pictures – Pandorapedia – Avatar-tietosanakirja 'Fiery the angels feel': America, regeneration, and Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (pdf) – Metacritic: The Best Reviewed Movies of the Decade – kieltämättä listalla on aika monta aika hyvää leffaa

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Montage of magic "photo enhancement" in cop shows and movies – How would space combat actually go? – The marauding space fleets are going to be governed by orbit dynamics – not just of their own ships in orbit around planets and suns, but those planets' orbits. Name That Movie – Six drawings per movie, […]

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Mathematicians find the formula for a hit film sequel (The Observer) – The research, which will be published in the Journal of Marketing this month, examined data from all 101 movie sequels released in North American theatres between 1998 and 2006 and a matched subsample of stand-alone films with similar characteristics. According to the formula, […]

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Ian McKellen käy läpi Richard III:n käsikirjoituksen – The Whoniverse – A guide to Doctor Who – The Whoniverse is an extensive guide to all aspects of the universe of Doctor Who and its various spin-offs in various media Uh oh: Chris Columbus + kreikkalainen mytologia + nuorisoelokuva (teaser) – Percy Jackson & the Olympians: […]