Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 28.01.2013

Hollywood gets science wrong — and that’s okay – Entertainment starts with an assumption that a lot of scientists don’t start with: The story and the science have to somehow blend. You can’t just insist the science be 100% accurate. It’s better to have some science in there that’s more or less accurate, than to […]

Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 20.01.2012

Book vs. Film: My Week With Marilyn – But by eliminating most of his personal ambition—really, just by eliminating his inner monologue of judgment and job-related scheming—the film makes him simultaneously more accessible and less interesting. It also makes the film far less about him, and far more about the much more familiar and prestigious […]

Muualla noteerattua 28.09.2009 – 29.09.2009

Wall-E:n värisuunnittelusta – Cinesiten showreel näyttää, mihin erikoisefektejä nykyään leffoissa käytetään – on arkista ja vähän fantastisempaa effua Steven Soderbegh ei ole perinteinen auteur vaan kokeellinen ohjaaja (NY Times) – If auteur status is conferred, as its early theorists argued, by a recognizable and consistent set of themes, gestures and motifs, then Mr. Soderbergh’s résumé […]