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Peter Dinklage Was Smart to Say No – NYTimes.com – missäs GoT on Suomessa menossa? Juttu spoilaa ekan kauden lopusta jotain So You Think You Can’t Do That on Television? – I don't know / Water Jesus Henry Christ – Trailer – q u i r k y !

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We Have A Pope – Trailer – Nanni Moretti Womb – Trailer – Then all of a sudden, America forgot how to make action movies – Film Studies in Motion – A Web Series in 7 Episodes – "Film Studies in Motion", a Web Series created by Kevin B. Lee and Volker Pantenburg, will present …

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MeFi: Imagine a dinosaur in sneakers stomping on Whoopi Goldberg’s career… forever. – Concept:RUIN – dystooppinen CGI-takaa-ajo BSG: Blood & Chrome -traileri – drooololololo

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Will Ferrell brings his comedy (and unlikely body-image crusade) to Mexico. – The approach goes back to his long stint on Saturday Night Live, where he’d double down on sketches that were dying in front of the audience—unlike some of his plainly miserable co-stars. “If something wasn’t working, the tendency would be to speed up …