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The Complete Conceptual History of the Millennium Falcon — Kitbashed – When Did Audiences Stop Taking ‘Middlebrow’ Television Seriously? – This dynamic explains why certain modern midbrow shows market themselves as serious television and attempt to emulate the surface-level qualities of highbrow TV. House of Cards is at best midbrow, and, increasingly, a ridiculous soap …

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Mikä on taiteen tehtävä, Neil Hardwick? (1/2) – The Unbearable Sadness Of Ben Affleck – Is ‘Friends’ Still the Most Popular Show on TV? – Walter Murch interview Camerimage 2015 – osa 3/3, linkit aiempiin osiin jutussa Francis Ford Coppola’s Third Act: Italy, Wine, and the Secret of Life –

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Production design in Knight of Cups – Studies in Light and Place – Sometimes I’d just be running 50 feet ahead to look outside or to simplify a showroom or a window, just to make a more minimal look. Even with physical locations, we took the approach of simplifying things, to make for a colder, …

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Thank You For Being a Friend: An Oral History of ’The Golden Girls’ – Frontiers Media – A Week In The L.A. Comedy Grind – In 2014, Wain worked on 17 different projects for film, television, and streaming video. In 2015, he spent a big chunk of his time on one project — Wet Hot …

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‘The X-Files’: How Fox Revived Mulder and Scully’s Search for the Truth – Miksi IMDB:n pisteytykset ovat silkkaa tuhnua – toinen kuvaaja, otsikolla Fandango LOVES Movis kertoo kaiken Nekobasu animation layouts –