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Rear Window Timelapse on Vimeo – Thierry Frémaux Says No Leak At Cannes Film Festival; "It’s All Lies" – no ei sitten The Secrets of Hollywood’s Power Siblings – The Urban Dictionary defines “Late Night Baldwin” as a lesser-known Baldwin brother that one encounters in movies that run after midnight.

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Muscle Beach and the Dawn of Huge – Over the years, whispers have circled about Arnold’s possible involvement in the gay-for-pay cash grab at Gold’s, but no evidence has ever emerged. Sprague, when asked, says he had no direct knowledge and wouldn’t comment on rumors. So, too, with Drasin and the others I talked to, …

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Free Willy! The History of the Penis in Cinema – Sherlock Lives! – Naturally enough, talk about the two filmed versions of Sherlock Holmes dominated the cocktail chatter at January’s meeting of the mysterious Sherlockian literary and dining club, The Baker Street Irregulars. The Celebrity Economy — New York Magazine –

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This year's new sitcoms offer nothing new (NYTimes) – After an exhaustive study that consisted of watching several new shows and several old ones, I have concluded that all television jokes going back to those first flickering black-and-white images fall into one of five categories Peter Biskind profiles ScarJo in Vanity Fair – French Twist …