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Why Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls’ Is Like Nothing Else on TV – When a TV critic reports on a new show, it’s okay to say the series is promising, even the next big thing, but ideally, one shouldn’t go native. One should probably also talk in the third person. In this case, however, I’ll have to …

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Steve Coogan + Rob Brydon + Michael Winterbottom: The Trip – apua, tää on mennyt multa tyystin ohi! The Social Network @ NYFF (YT) – 30 min news conference + 50 min director's dialogue Last on to "The Wire" party! | Ask MetaFilter –

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Lyhytelokuva Stasis – via io9 In the Life of The Wire (The New York Review of Books) – Gaspar Noé: "The whole thing is about getting into holes. Putting the camera into any hole." –

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Wes Craven valtasi YouTuben etusivun Halloweenina – Elokuvasäätiön tiedotuslehti 3-4/09 (pdf) – Why Britain can’t do The Wire (Prospect Magazine) – The critically acclaimed US television drama could not be made here. We have writing talent in abundance, but its output is controlled by a stifling monopoly—the BBC. Plus, an interview with The Wire's creator …