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The Dark Art of ‘Breaking Bad’ (NYT Mag) – Kevin Pollak interviews Damon Lindelof (video, 2.5 hrs) – ?Stunt Rock (1978) Theatrical Trailer?‏ – WHY HAVEN'T I SEEN THIS MOVIE?

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YouTube – Walt Disney's MultiPlane Camera (Filmed: Feb. 13, 1957) – via @jonikorpi Rushdie kirjoittaa scifisarjan Showtimelle – TripAdvisor.com Reviews for the Overlook Hotel (McSweeney's) –

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Our favorite promiscuous cat, Smutley, has a lesson for all of us (YT) – Paul: Double Negative’s alien adventure (fxguide) – Interesting: “There was also the slight difficulty of matching the occasional missed eyeline,” adds Beer. “This was something that DNeg had really done well before, on Hellboy II for example. But on Paul we …

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The Spanish Dracula – What many people don't know is that Universal made two versions of Dracula at the same time. The second was Drácula, a Spanish-language film shot at the same time as the English-language version. During the day, the English-speaking actors did their scenes. At night, the Spanish-speaking actors arrived at the studio …