Muualla noteerattua 25.03.2009 – 27.03.2009

  • Ennen-jälkeen-kuvia The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttonista – havainnollistaa aika hyvin, mitä & miten paljon ison budjetin leffan kuvia voidaan vatkata jälkikäsittelyssä
  • Sensurround – In this Sensurround I system, low frequency sound was used to simulate earthquake rumbles and vibrations, and was to be of such intensity that it could be physically felt in the body as well as heard. To accomplish this task, a special sound system had to be conceived that could be used to augment a theatre's normal sound system. This special system had to be relatively portable and somewhat tailored to each theatre that would use it. Early in the project it was realized that none of the existing standard film recording techniques could effectively record and reproduce frequencies below 40HZ, the frequencies that could be physically felt in the body, so it was decided that each installation would be equipped with a low frequency noise generator.
  • Birthing of Babylon 5 – In 1999, J. Michael Straczynski allowed his original notes on Babylon 5 to be released via his Last Word column in the Babylon 5 Magazine (Vol. 2, Issue 9). These notes were the first written record of Babylon 5, made moments after he had his inspiration for the series while taking a shower. Though the magazine is long gone, on this, the 10th anniversary of this column's publication, he wanted to share the origins of Babylon 5 again. While many fans saw them when they were originally published, he realizes that many more have not.
  • Where the Wild Things Are -traileri – Spike Jonzen seuraava ohjaus


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