Muualla noteerattua 5.03.2009 – 6.03.2009

  • La collection Cinéma Cinémas -dvd – a French TV series constituting a sort of monument to hardcore cinephilia that lasted roughly a decade from early 1982 to sometime in 1991. Produced by Claude Ventura, and made up of various documentary and/or essayistic segments, this is a show I’ve been hearing about for ages from French friends. The four discs in this set contain a dozen episodes, each one including between six and 12 separate segments—with a grand total of 92 segments running anywhere from just under a minute to well over 20 minutes.
  • What if Woody Allen/Judd Apatow/Quentin Tarantino/Tyler Perry/Sofia Coppola Had Directed Watchmen? – Allen sets his romantic comedy on the Upper West Side, where wealthy dermatologist Dr. Herbert Manhattan (Allen) suffers a freak accident with his dermabrasion machine. How will his blue skin and omnipotence affect his relationship with beautiful but scatterbrained silk importer Laurie Juspeczyk (Scarlett Johansson)?
  • Millainen Watchmen olisi kasarityylin stereotyyppisenä tv-animaationa?


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