Muualla noteerattua 1.05.2009 – 3.05.2009

  • The Truth About Bender's Brain – David X. Cohen, of "Futurama," reveals how MOS Technology's 6502 processor ended up in the robot's head
  • Francis Ford Coppolan Tetro-leffan traileri – via
  • Monsters vs Aliens -leffan äänisuunnittelusta – Sound is a great tool for conveying size, weight and dimension. Ginormica is nearly fifty feet tall. Her footsteps needed weight and power, yet because of the elegance of her movements the sounds still needed to seem athletic and agile. We did not want her to sound like clumsy ol' Godzilla when she walked (we'd save that for Insectosaurus). One of our editors, John Marquis figured out what a giant rubber sneaker would actually sound like, which became her motif throughout the movie. There's a fun scene in the beginning of the film where Ginormica wakes up in monster prison. Though she is enormous, we decided to play her a lot smaller for the sequence, making her more vulnerable and apprehensive. To shrink her sonically we featured the vast reverberant metal cavern she wanders into, playing up the massive heavy metal mechanics of the hatches she passes through to get deeper into the facility.


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