Muualla noteerattua 14.05.2009

  • 5th NFB Online Short Film Competition – National Film Board of Canada = laatua
  • Do Experts and Novices Evaluate Movies the Same Way? (pdf) – This study assessed college student (i.e.,novice) ratings on movies released from 2001 to 2005 and compared them to expert opinions and those of self-declared novices on major movie rating Web sites.Results suggest that the student ratings overlapped considerably – but not overwhelmingly — with the self-described novices,student ratings correlated at a lower magnitude with critic ratings,and the ratings of students who saw the most movies correlated more highly with both critics and self-described novices than those of students who saw the least movies.The results suggest a continuum of creative evaluation in which the distinctions between categories such as “novice,”“amateur,” and “expert” are blurry and often overlap — yet the categories of expertise are not without importance.
  • Nine-leffamusikaalin traileri – runsasmuotoiset naiset jotenkin… pursuilevat
  • Life Is Hot In Cracktown -traileri – very, very gangsta: "Every day is a struggle for survival – in Cracktown"
  • Ghosts of the Heartland -traileri – mulle kelpaa film noir ja toimittajat vähän kömpelöinäkin versioina


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