Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 22.03.2010 – 23.03.2010

  • Last Action Hero, kaksi eri käsikirjoitusta – täydellinen ajoitus!
  • MoonTV: Filminnäkijät – uuden MoonTV:n uusi elokuvaohjelma pannaan tietenkin seurantaan
  • James Cameronin versio First Blood 2: The Mission -käsiksestä – Cameron's draft has some extra characters we focus on: The pilot's crew, a POW named De Fravio, and most notably a sidekick named Brewer. The plot has some meatier details, bloodier action and more bombastic moments. Overall, Cameron is willing to let Rambo share the spotlight with Brewer and De Fravio, and I daresay the story is richer for it. The willingness to focus on De Fravio makes the theme shine.

    Stallone took Cameron's detailed script and streamlined it. Vetoed the Brewer character (which was to be played by Travolta), made De Fravio nameless (taking away his lines of dialogue) and he also tweaked the kills so they were less complicated to film. He also gave Rambo his signature weapon, a bow, which made many of the kills more intimate, more personal (so we as an audience could connect with the war he was personally fighting inside himself).


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