Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 30.08.2010 – 31.08.2010

  • How Avid's ScriptSync multiplies storytelling possibilities in the edit – Previously, Media Composer had a Script function, but it had to be painstakingly implemented by assistants who manually matched lines of dialogue with their corresponding takes. With ScriptSync, the software started doing the majority of the work, using speech-recognition algorithms to figure out which clips should be associated with different lines of dialogue from the script.
  • Gaspar Noé: Enter the Void = 25 fps – ööh?
  • N1FR Issue 1 – Welcome to N1FR, the new online film supplement we plan to publish semi-regularly, although we’re not sure yet what semi-regularly means in this case. This edition features essays on contemporary films and filmmakers. In the future we hope to broaden coverage to include interviews, excerpts from new film books, pieces on films and filmmakers that aren’t as contemporary, and more coverage of independent and gallery-based filmmaking, two things we’d really like to find new names for.


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