Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 15.06.2011 – 19.06.2011

  • Errol Morris
  • Official Superhero-Movie Bingo Card
  • McSweeney's: My Original Vision for the Film Was Much Different Than How It Turned Out. – The explosions were going to be enormous, extravagant, voluptuous. Not like those cheap explosions that are all just dust and smoke and debris flying everywhere—that stuff is the Lite Beer of explosions. We're talking top of the line, ass-kicking, titty-licking, red-blooded American EX-PUH-LOSIONS. Ones with huge mushroom clouds and lots and lots of liquidy orange fire bubbling out everywhere, and stuff flies out of the explosions and then explodes separately in midair as it's flying towards the camera, and all of it in the slowest goddamn motion you ever saw. You were going to be remembering these explosions right up there along with the birth of your kids. You were going to know what it felt like to be sexually attracted to an explosion.


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