Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 19.11.2011 – 20.11.2011

  • What's it like to work as a screenwriter on the 4th season of a TV show – There we were, the first week with almost all new humans, kicking about Leverage ideas. Downey and I were originally concerned going into the new year with a mostly new staff. What we hadn't anticipated (but should've) was the difference between staffing a show that does not exist, and one that has aired 44 episodes — the writers knew the character voices, some of them were actual fans of the show. They came in with the Leverage stories they wanted to tell, as opposed to cool con stories we then hammered into Leverage stories. (Jenn Kao, as you'll see, actually wound up writing her first pitch idea, the one-liner that got her hired.)
  • Moby Offers Up Free Music to Filmmakers | Open Culture
  • Amazon.com: Movies & TV Holiday Deals Calendar – lähtee Mad Menin blurayt halvalla jne.


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