Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 25.01.2012 – 28.01.2012

  • A Game of Shadows: more to the mystery | fxguide – The arm plates were shot on a Phantom HD Gold camera at 432fps. “We ended up going 19 times slower than real-time for the frozen time moment,” says Quintavalle, “with things moving enough to see stuff rippling. The Phantom can go a lot higher speed than that still, but we didn’t need it to. We shot the whole thing fully slow motion, something like 7,000 or 8,000 frames of footage which we then ramped in and out of.”
  • How Many Movies Have You Seen? – The more you watch from the present day, the more garbage you’re bound to see—but your conclusions will be your own. Conversely, the further back you go, the more you’ll be guided by the opinions of others. (If nothing else, what’s available will be largely determined by what’s remained popular.)
  • Who Doesn’t Love Woody Harrelson? (Esquire) – From his hemp hats to his dopey charm to his recent roles as dark and scarred antiheroes, there's something we all have to face: It's hard not to enjoy his presence.
  • Elokuva ja arkkitehtuuri -tapahtumasarja Orionissa keväällä 2012


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