Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 8.01.2012 – 11.01.2012

  • The Top 10 Conservative Lessons of ‘Rocky IV’ – Big Hollywood ei muuten ole parodiaa, jos niin luulette
  • Louis CK (Rolling Stone) – Feeling good isn’t really Louis C.K.’s thing. Over 25-odd years of stand-up gigs, a half-dozen cable specials, a short-lived HBO sitcom and, most recently, the FX show, he’s perfected a unique mixture of abject self-loathing, crushing pessimism, wide-eyed curiosity and, here and there, glimmers of hard-won sweetness.
  • The Writearound: Louis C.K. – I made little funny videos and stuff. There was one little video I made called “Trash Day,” I don’t even know if I have a copy of it anymore, but it was my friends: you see these guys preparing for a crime, guns and stuff, just toy guns that we had that were pretty good, cocking pistols and sharpening knives, pulling on ski masks and stuff, and this music from Star Wars, stolen from a record I had of Star Wars music, then you see them getting in a van – one friend of mine had a vehicle, and I was in a car behind, following, and then you see my mom come out of the house, taking out the garbage, and she gets down to the bottom of the walkway, they pull up in this van, pull guns on her, and they grab the garbage from her and tear off.


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