Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 5.02.2012 – 7.02.2012

  • In Star Trek: Deep Space 9 no-one uses social media – As I watch everyone interact on the station, the lack of social media sticks out hugely to me simply because it is how so many of us interact with each other now–and especially over long distances. There is no hashtag for DS9 workers to tweet LOLSisko macros or talk to families back home. Everyone uses voice/video communication rather than text despite the security issues this obviously poses (and of course a social network of any kind poses security problems in and of itself, but provides rich narrative opportunities in that arena which I've yet to see explored much) and the fact that we are seeing even now many people shy away even from the telephone when given an alternative. We have the videophones of science fiction past–and no one much cares. We use it sometimes, but it's far more of a pain to make yourself presentable onscreen, get the kids and dogs to leave you alone for long enough to Skype, and carry on an etiquette minefield of a conversation when a quick text or email will do for most business.
  • The Faces Of Death Guy Looks Back – In the credits, he was listed as "Alan Black." Schwartz is one of few involved—those among the living—who are willing to embrace the film as part of their oeuvre. His then-boss's son, who collaborated with him, "doesn't want it as part of his legacy," says Schwartz. To this day, he honors the others' wishes that their names not be mentioned in connection with the film that changed his life.
  • Behind the scenes with the animated Oscar noms – sivuilta näkee kaksi lyhäriehdokasta


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