Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 17.03.2012 – 18.03.2012

  • Intruders – Trailer – Fresnadillosta ei olekaan kuulunut toviin
  • Turn Me On, Dammit! – Trailer
  • 4:44 Last Day On Earth – Trailer – Abel Ferraran uusi
  • GESTUS PROJECT – Whereas our experience of the cinema is normally directed towards people, objects, and events, Gestus encourages spectators to pay close attention to movement. Sometimes one has to recognize that two different objects, such as a person and a river, or a dog and a tree branch moving in the wind, are moving in the same way.
  • Scriptnotes, Ep. 28, How to cut pages – Craig: And, by the way, it is legal, and here’s why: That word doesn’t add time to the day. You see savvy, and this where… — You know, it’s funny, I’m going through it now on this script that is shooting at Universal. Sometimes people who aren’t savvy about what takes time on a given day will obsess over page length. ADs know. Directors know. But, others may not. And they may say, “Look, is there a way for you…we can cut the scene down if you got rid of this line of dialogue.” That will not cut the day down at all. What takes time is setups. How many angles there are. If I am shooting two people talking in a restaurant at a table, frankly, I could double the page count and it really won’t add that much to the day. John: Exactly. But if you were to add, the scene would be the same number of pages, but you added another person to that table, you have doubled the amount of shooting you have to do.


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