Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 28.03.2012 – 1.04.2012

  • We Have A Pope – Trailer – Nanni Moretti
  • Womb – Trailer
  • Then all of a sudden, America forgot how to make action movies
  • Film Studies in Motion – A Web Series in 7 Episodes – "Film Studies in Motion", a Web Series created by Kevin B. Lee and Volker Pantenburg, will present weekly selections of analytical video essays on the web in preparation for their presentation  "Whatever happened to Bildungsauftrag? – Teaching cinema on TV and the Web".
  • The Original Frenemies – an oral history of Siskel and Ebert – Gene and Roger were on a flight one time, and Gene handed a piece of paper to a flight attendant and said, “Please give this note to Roger.” The note read, “Mr. Ebert, would you like to see the cockpit?” Gene had signed it, “The Captain.” Roger was quite pleased that the captain would invite him—and not Gene—to tour the cockpit. He walked up to the cockpit door and started knocking on it. All of a sudden, another flight attendant grabbed him and scolded, “You can’t go in there! Nobody goes in the cockpit!” She had to escort him back to his seat. Gene was rolling up and down the aisle with laughter. (NS)


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