Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 15.09.2012

  • Watch Paul Thomas Anderson’s early short films and music videos: The Dirk Diggler Story, Cigarettes & Coffee, Couch, and more
  • Red Dawn -traileri – Jahas, nyt se on siis vihdoin tulossa Jenkeissä teatteriin. Miliuksen originaali on niin täysin sekopäinen, että uusintaversion tarpeellisuutta on hankala ymmärtää.
  • Milo Manara & Federico Fellini – Milo Manara and Federico Fellini (1920-1993) are acclaimed worldwide as two of Italy’s greatest maestros of their respective artforms. The universal media of comics and film have often been compared, as if comics can be reduced simply to films on paper, as if sequential panels equate with the preparatory storyboards for a movie, whereas there are probably many more differences between them than similarities. What is clear is that there has been a long and continuing cross-pollination in both directions between comics and cinema and this has hugely informed and influenced both Manara and Fellini.


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