Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 19.09.2012 – 22.09.2012

  • Tom Hardy in Lawless: Return of the Knitwear Anti-Hero – For Lawless costume designer Margot Wilson, here talking exclusively to Clothes on Film, there was also a practical side to her decision. “Forrest was the most challenging” she explains. “Tom Hardy was bulking up (for The Dark Knight Rises) which was quite incongruous for our prohibition film. When I first saw Tom very briefly at a script reading he was bigger than I had imagined. So my task was to make him fit into our world and make him visually work with his brothers”. Setting Forrest apart from his brothers, Howard (Jason Clarke) and Jack (Shia Labouf), provides subtle differentiation of character, often difficult to achieve in outwardly similar rural clothing. Wilson continues, “I asked director John Hillcoat how he was going to direct Tom. John said he was going to keep him very still. This was an opportunity to use one of my favourite garments. It held all the essence of Forrest for me”.
  • ComPSYlation – YouTube
  • A Conversation With Dave Kehr about Paul W.S. Anderson


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