Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 5.11.2012 – 7.11.2012

  • Michael Haneke: There’s no easy way to say this… (The Observer) – Given notice that this was to be an inquisition not a conversation, I rephrased my compliments and asked him a question about the startling climax of Amour. On principle he refused to answer. "Ah," he said, smirking as I tumbled into the trap, "you are asking me to interpret, and I will not. Every meaning is fine, all interpretations are OK. I do not choose between them, because I dislike explanations. It happened so with Juliette Binoche in Hidden. She asked me if the woman she played was having an affair with her colleague at work. There were two scenes together with this man: I told her to play one as if they were involved, the other as if they were not. I doubt that she found this to be helpful advice.
  • Kuinka tappaa Godard? – elokuvaprofessuurin lasikatto
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