Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 18.12.2012 – 19.12.2012

  • Cinematography Mailing List – herrajumala, jo edited discussions -sivujen lukemiseen menisi iäisyys
  • Bill Murray could be president (GQ) – That is, if the president were a comedian, acclaimed actor, and beloved personality who's become famous for crashing kickball games, prank-calling his friends' wives, and busting into the karaoke rooms of gobsmacked (and delighted) constituents. And yet now here's Bill Murray playing FDR, bantering through a Hyde Park accent and cigarette holder, batting away murmurs of another Oscar nomination. But has the comic giant just gotten too damn beloved and too damn acclaimed for his own liking?
  • The Evolution of Brazil – The story of the evolution of the Brazil script over nearly a decade, accompanied by design sketches, storyboards, photographs of the production, and more.


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