Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 28.01.2013

  • Hollywood gets science wrong — and that’s okay – Entertainment starts with an assumption that a lot of scientists don’t start with: The story and the science have to somehow blend. You can’t just insist the science be 100% accurate. It’s better to have some science in there that’s more or less accurate, than to have it badly done or not there at all. So [as advisors] we’ll bend some in return for having some input.
  • In Conversation: Steven Soderbergh — Vulture – What do you think people mean when they call a film Soderberghian?
    I have no idea. But never use that word to describe your movie in a pitch meeting because it won’t get made.

    Really? You just made a $7 million film about strippers—Magic Mike—that has earned something like $167 million worldwide.
    So pitch the movie as Magic Mike. Otherwise, if you’re using my name, you could mean The Good German.

  • Raiders of the Lost R2 – Excavating a galaxy far, far away – A quarter of a century later, remnants of the set were apparently littered across the valley or buried in the sand. We would be excavating whatever authentic artifacts of that fictitious universe remained.


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