Elokuvalla on kaksi elämää, osa 2

Jatkona eiliselle toimii mainiosti sitaatti tuoreesta haastattelusta, jossa ohjaaja kertoo, miksi A Field in England -elokuva on samaan aikaan teattereissa, ilmaisella tv-kanavalla ja nettivuokraamossa:

If you think about what was the alternative, what would’ve happened, this would’ve been like a five-screen release. Some people went who lived near those cinemas. Then it comes out on video and dvd and no-one knows what it is, and it slowly creeps into the culture, maybe, if it’s lucky and it’s good enough, people will start talking about it, but it won’t really have any impact on culture until it’s on tv and it’s watched by more than 200 000 people. So I think that this is the best outlet for this film at this point.

Ben Wheatley


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