Elokuvallisia huomioita maailmalta 12.03.2014 – 15.03.2014

  • The cinema of Paul Verhoeven has an incredible amount of stupidity, but it is never stupidity that isn’t in some way attached to smartness – Everyone is a critic, but more than that, everyone, I think, has a critic inside them–a person whose opinions they’ve unconsciously adopted as their own, someone who they agree with so deeply that they act as their representative in normal life. Not in a plagiarist sense, necessarily. More like a hero or an idol that they emulate in their opinions, consciously or unconsciously, that they use to strengthen their resolve in their opinions. They exist in every field, from politics to music to books: The people we refer to in our Twitter wars and masters’ theses and dinnertime fights.
  • Fewer Sitcom Hits Could Mean More Smart Sitcoms – “These new shows aren’t just competing with each other,” one top TV agent says. “It’s now just as easy to click a button and watch an old episode of something else, or a new movie, as it is to watch a [network] series.” Older shows have a leg up: They’ve already gotten viewers hooked. Says the agent, “It’s such a wider canvas now, that if you don’t get those eyeballs immediately, there’s a chance you’ll never get them.”
  • The drawings illustrate the moment before the ”cigarette burn”
  • Sampo-elokuvan 4K-restaurointi – SampoSampo / Sampo / The Day the Earth Froze (US) Neuvostoliitto/Suomi 1959. Tuotantoyhtiö: Mosfilm, Suomi Filmi. Tuottaja: G. Kuznetsov, Risto Orko. Ohjaus: Aleksandr Phtusko. Käsikirjoitus: Viktor Vitkovitsh, Grigori Jagdfelde – Kalevalan Sampo-runot (1835). Asiantuntijat: Väinö Kauko-nen, Kustaa


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