Juoni ahdistaa

New Yorkerin juttu Laura Poitras’s Closeup View of Edward Snowden käsittelee myös Citizenfour-dokkarin tekemistä:

“Plot is so relentless,” she said. “It’s totally unforgiving, and it also can be simplifying. It can provide resolution where there should be none. It can provide false catharsis.”


But at some point the thread of her “Zeitgeist” film began to run out.

“I realized that I lost something kind of big, which is emotion,” she said. “It’s harder to create emotional through lines without a plot. It just became apparent when I started to assemble scenes that I was less moved.”

Then, in January of 2013, a plot came to Poitras, in the form of e-mails from an anonymous government official.


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