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James Cameron Can Put Arrested Development’s Tobias Funke Anywhere He Pleases | Creativity Pick of the Day – ovela on mainosmies, ovela on R.Kelly : Trapped in the Closet : The Saga Continues – 33 jaksoa maailman parasta musiikkivideota nyt katsottavissa Patton Oswalt’s Star Wars Filibuster –

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Stitchcraft to tradecraft: Roger Moore at the peak of his career as a model for knitting patterns – The Cine-Tourist is a website about connections between maps and films – The Cine-Tourist only writes about places that he knows, and since he doesn't travel much this site is chiefly about films made in Paris, Geneva […]

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Prometheus Second look: Digging deep into spoilers and questions – Here, though, it feels like the connections to “Alien” and the desire to kickstart a new franchise both hobble the film, forcing them to lay coy with things that should be answered while answering things that needed no answer originally. The Complete History of Teenage […]