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Hän: Arman Alizad – Enactive Cinema: Simulatorium Eisensteinense (pdf) – Simulatorium Eisensteinense explores the very grounds from which the phenomenon of cinema emerges. It is a study of the intrinsic dynamics of a cinema author’s mind in the process of creating a moving image. Rather than representing a historical, cultural, or ideological study into the […]

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Charlie Kaufman’s 2011 BAFTA and BFI lecture (pdf) – Screenwriters On Screenwriting: The BAFTA and BFI Screenwriters’ Lecture Series in association with The JJ Charitable Trust Charlie Kaufman, 30 September 2011 at BFI Southban 6 Sci-Fi Movie Conventions (That Need to Die) – Comedy Year 2011 in Review Splitsider – Doctor Who Timeline Infographic –

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Paul Schrader: Canon Fodder (pdf) – As the sun finally sets on the century of cinema, by what criteria do we determine its masterworks? The Film-Lover's Check List – Compulsive cinephiles, or those interested in making a comprehensive study of great films, may find the Film-Lover's Check List a handy tool. So you want to […]

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Parallax View -käsis (pdf) – The Facebook Movie in One Minute (YT) – Yeah, close enough SUPERSTAR Rajinikanth!: The biggest movie star you've probably never heard of (Slate) – n the first scene of Padayappa (1999), he's asked, "Hey man, who are you?" and his answer is a four-minute musical number in which he plays […]