THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS (UK'16): Solid zombie trope variant, possibly rich thematic lodes to be mined. Cinematically unremarkable. — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) October 19, 2016 JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK (US'16): Superficially similar to the first one, but somehow loses most of what made it fascinating to watch. — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) October […]


TYTTÖ NIMELTÄ VARPU (FI'16): Parempi kuin Pitääkö mun; silti tuntuu kuin tekijä puristaisi mailaa vähän liikaa. Skog mainio, Vesala ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) September 8, 2016 (Tweetissä luki ”puristaa lapaa”, whatever.) Yhteensä 29 elokuvaa.

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BATMAN V SUPERMAN (US'16): Extreme closeups of weapons discharging have more feeling and meaning to them than most closeups of actors. — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) March 23, 2016 CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR (US'16): Better Avengering than in Avengers 2 and classier Spidey than Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2 — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) May 14, 2016 […]

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THE BIG SHORT (US'15): Infodump-ier than I thought. Some of the casting choices seem… off? As in 'serious movie stars doing serious roles.' — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) February 1, 2016 ANOMALISA (US'15): Extraordinar(il)y (uncomfortable) puppet animation with a twist of meta. — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) February 3, 2016 DEADPOOL (US'16): Given that I am a […]

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HATEFUL 8 (US'15): Moment to moment enjoyable, as always. Also best Hollywood snow since who know when. — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) January 4, 2016 ANNA MULLE LOVEE (FI'16): Tarinan palaset ovat koossa, mutta ohjaus-näytteleminen-leikkaus ei saa puhallettua niihin tulta. — Olli Sulopuisto (@osulop) January 7, 2016 SAUL FIA (HU'15): Most effective when the focus is […]