Muualla noteerattua 17.03.2009 – 18.03.2009

  • Away We Go -traileri – käsis Dave Eggers, rooleissa John Krasisnski, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Catherine O'Hara, ohjaus Sam Mendes (meh)
  • Tunteet ja elokuva – It is the job of the critic and the viewer or reader to ferret out these messages, lift them from their context within the work, reorient them into some kind of brief philosophical treatise, and take the implication of that treatise as the purpose of the film, or at least as the locus of its true worth. But this way of thinking about film diminishes the art form by reducing it to a bare bones propositional message. It ignores the spectator's experience in viewing the film, places ultimate value on the propositional content that is later distilled from that viewing, and misunderstands the function of the viewing experience in developing the film's themes and ideas. Such a mistake is commonly called the "heresy of paraphrase."
  • Dan Meth's Pop Cultural Charts – NYC Sitcom Map, Sit-Com Houses, The Trilogy Meter


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