Muualla noteerattua 7.04.2009 – 8.04.2009

  • Artisokka – Helsinki Woman Film Festival 17.–19. huhtikuuta – Wendy & Lucy ja Frozen River nyt ainakin perustärppeinä
  • The Decline of Soap Operas – It used to be that the networks needed the daytime profits to finance the more expensively produced (and unprofitable) prime-time programs. By blending message and melodrama—ads were cunningly buried in the plot—"sudsers" became the perfect subliminal salesmen.
  • 'Kröd Mändoon' has fun mocking the fantasy genre | The Watcher – But a good deal of the humor in “Kröd,” which features suitably stentorian narration by “Saturday Night Live” veteran Chris Parnell, is a little more subtle than that. At one point in his quest to defeat Kröd, Dongalor threatens to kill one resident of a local village every minute. One fiesty serf wants to know how Dongalor could possibly do that. "Even our most accurate sundials are approximate at best," he says.


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