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Indian Soap Operas, Ruled by Mothers-in-Law – NYTimes.com – Television isn’t an insurrectionist force in India. It’s a relatively young medium struggling to adapt to a vast viewing audience that respects tradition and suspects change. Like many an Indian bride, television here occasionally tests the boundaries but mostly finds its way by following the rules …

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The Lion King 3D: in-depth with Disney – Janet Maslin likes ‘Life Itself’ by Roger Ebert – The Soap Opera Is Dead! Long Live the Soap Opera! (NYT Mag) – A Long Day at ‘The Office’ with Mindy Kaling (NYT Mag) –

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Parks and Recreation Showrunner Michael Schur Gives a Master Class on His Favorite Comedy, Cheers – Morgan Freeman Goes From God to Science – Sex & Death in the Afternoon: An Oral History of the American Soap Opera –