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How Mad Max : Fury Road lured Oscar winner John Seale back behind the camera – Making of Mad Max: Fury Road from ACS Victoria with John Seale ACS ASC and David Burr ACS – The job of a modern comedy feature film editor sounds horrible –

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Toiminta = komediaa, todistaa Jackie Chan (YT) – Ylen tv-kanavien johtoon nousee Duudsonien tuottaja – David Simon kertoo, miten ja miksi Wiren hd-versio esitetään eri kuvasuhteella kuin alkuperäinen – How we did the SNL title sequence –

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Love & Sincerity: A Conversation with James Gray – You shouldn’t give the audience what it wants, you can’t. In some sense, it’s your job to infuriate the audience, to provoke them. Giving them what they want is cowardice. The whole point is to give the audience what it needs. Polone: Why Studios Should Act …

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Bruce Dern on the Part He’s Waited 77 Years For — Vulture – Roman Polanski Speaks: His New Movie, His 2009 Arrest, and the Public Hatred He Encounters | Vanity Fair – Melissa McCarthy and the New Female Slapstick – McCarthy gets dirty, she gets horny, and, most important, she gets the shit kicked out …

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It’s the summer of Michael Shannon: The Man of Steel actor has a high-profile Chicago play and the hit series Boardwalk Empire on his plate – Chicago Tribune – The problem, said writer-director David Koepp, who cast Shannon as a sweaty loser of a villain in the thriller “Premium Rush,” is “an actor who makes …