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Browse Netflix by genre/director/keyword-hybrid – Browse Netflix by genre – My Accidental Career as a Russian Screenwriter – So I worked up the nerve to show the ‘‘Rushkin’’ script around. The reaction of the first executive who read it was something out of ‘‘Barton Fink’’ and roughly what I expected: ‘‘When you’re ready to make […]

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“Looking for False Performance Beats”: Editor Fred Raskin on The Hateful Eight – The shoot was unique in that there were certain sequences which needed to be filmed while snow was falling. So the cast always had to be prepared to shoot any scene at any time, because if they got snow, they’d be shooting […]

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An Exclusive Look at Sony’s Hacking Saga – Xavier Dolan’s look book for Mommy – My interview with André Turpin about his striking cinematography for Mommy is in the February issue of American Cinematographer. This post features an interview with the film’s talented director, Xavier Dolan, that I did after the print deadline. I will […]

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Love & Sincerity: A Conversation with James Gray – You shouldn’t give the audience what it wants, you can’t. In some sense, it’s your job to infuriate the audience, to provoke them. Giving them what they want is cowardice. The whole point is to give the audience what it needs. Polone: Why Studios Should Act […]