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The end of CSI is the end of the era of ambient television. – How to Watch ”Battlestar Galactica” – The Awl – eli mitkä jaksot voi rauhassa skipata The making of Mad Max: Fury Road (Variety) –

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Paul Schrader has some advice about screenwriting – Jacques Tati: Things Fall Together – "It’s funny however many times he does it, but it’s humor that raises a smile, not a belly laugh (though with a sympathetic crowd, all those smiles can generate some volume). There isn’t really a joke there in the sense of […]

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Meet Mark Woollen, the Arthouse Trailer Editor — Vulture – Jacques Tati: Composing in Sound and Image – The fact that he always shot his films without sound and composed his soundtracks separately made it easier for him to use images and sounds interactively, employing sound in part as a way of guiding how we […]

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Love & Sincerity: A Conversation with James Gray – You shouldn’t give the audience what it wants, you can’t. In some sense, it’s your job to infuriate the audience, to provoke them. Giving them what they want is cowardice. The whole point is to give the audience what it needs. Polone: Why Studios Should Act […]

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Star Trek TOS in Cinerama – hauska idea Syyskuussa 2014 tulee teattereihin kaksi Pekka Lehdon elokuvaa – Kalle Kinnusen haastattelu – The Future of Practical Creature Effects – Are film tax credits cost effective? (Kinda not) – What Happens When You Accuse a Hollywood Director of Rape? – The Real Cliff Huxtable – Luc Besson on […]