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Mike Judge Helps Us Find The Easter Eggs In ”Silicon Valley’s” Opening Credits – [priv] The Business of Too Much TV – Sharon Horgan, The Brutal Romantic of ’Catastrophe’ and ’Divorce’ – There’s another way to understand what has happened to American comedy in recent years: it has become more British.

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“Looking for False Performance Beats”: Editor Fred Raskin on The Hateful Eight – The shoot was unique in that there were certain sequences which needed to be filmed while snow was falling. So the cast always had to be prepared to shoot any scene at any time, because if they got snow, they’d be shooting […]

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Star Trek TOS in Cinerama – hauska idea Syyskuussa 2014 tulee teattereihin kaksi Pekka Lehdon elokuvaa – Kalle Kinnusen haastattelu – The Future of Practical Creature Effects – Are film tax credits cost effective? (Kinda not) – What Happens When You Accuse a Hollywood Director of Rape? – The Real Cliff Huxtable – Luc Besson on […]