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The end of CSI is the end of the era of ambient television. – How to Watch ”Battlestar Galactica” – The Awl – eli mitkä jaksot voi rauhassa skipata The making of Mad Max: Fury Road (Variety) –

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The Sound Design of CE3K (Vimeo) – 20 Swedish Posters for 1930s Hollywood – Naval analyst Chris Weuve talks to Foreign Policy about what Battlestar Galactica gets right about space warfare – Director John Downer On Turning Birds Into Cameras And Vice Versa | Popular Photography –

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MeFi: Imagine a dinosaur in sneakers stomping on Whoopi Goldberg’s career… forever. – Concept:RUIN – dystooppinen CGI-takaa-ajo BSG: Blood & Chrome -traileri – drooololololo