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This Is A Longreads On The Internet: The Inroads Of Slow Art In A Fast Culture | The Awl – Hieman yliyrittämisen ja kaiken kaikkiaan selityksen makua, mutta silti kiinnostava Films with cats in them – LÖYSIN MAAILMAN PARHAAN ELOKUVABLOGIN!!1!¡1 Look at the eyes, guess the movie – And thus continues my annual tribute to …

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Dalek smoking (YT) – huomaa myös musiikki The Shadowplay Impossible Halloween Film Quiz – It’s just one round — photo identification — name the film AND provide a caption. If you don’t know the title, invent one! Joe Eszterhas’ letter to Michael Ovitz (1989) –

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Matt Zoller Seitz: The songs that belong to the movies – The New New Orleans (NYRB) – If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise, a film directed by Spike Lee; When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts, a film directed by Spike Lee; Race, a film directed by Katherine Cecil; Trouble …

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"They Live": Jonathan Lethem explains a cult classic – oletettavasti maistiaisia Lethemin kirjasta David Thomson's Stump-the-Film-Buff 50 Movie Questions Quiz – Blubberella-trailer (YT) – ööhäh